What others have to say:

Jane has been one of my “go to” trainers in the Twin Cities for several years because of her knowledge of animal behavior, her skill in determining which exercises are most appropriate for a given training session, and for her rapport with my clients. She is respectful of the veterinary profession and is quick to refer pet owners to their veterinarian when medical issues may be impacting their pet’s behavior patterns. I trust her judgment and would not hesitate to refer pet owners to her for their training needs.” – Dr. Christopher Pachel, DVM, Board certified veterinary behaviorist

I really enjoyed our class today. I felt like you explained things very well, and really broke things down into the tiny bits that a dog and owner can do and be successful. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried loose leash walking (with other dogs)- if I had had the step-click-treat method I’m sure I would have been much more successful (with much less frustration on both my and the dog’s part). Also, the drop down from a stand I’ve never found so easy. I’m looking forward to learning more. I wanted to let you know it was a job very well done.” – Karen R.

I am a first time dog owner and working with Jane has been a fabulous experience for both myself and my miniature poodle. Not only is little Benny learning many skills (which seems to make him happy) but I am understanding the way dogs communicate and learn. Jane at A Great Dog Now explains and teaches life skills that help you communicate and understand your pet. Did I mention that my dog can’t wait to see her every week? This Pryor method of positive reinforcement training makes total sense to me as a former educator and it also works for my dog. Sit – Click. Stay – Click. Thanks Jane. You are doing a great job.” – Jessica S.

A Great Dog Now has the basics, but also goes well beyond; Classes expand on that basic training so you can have a well trained dog in almost any situation, including: the real world. Jane, a certified trainer, was amazingly knowledgeable. I couldn’t help but be stunned at the speed of which I was learning how to train my dog and the positive effect it had not only on my dog’s behavior, but my household.

One of the best things about Jane’s classes is she really takes a personalized approach, instead of the one size fits all. Jane takes the time to make sure both you and your dog are getting the most from her classes -all in patient, calm, and encouraging manner. So you really can’t go wrong.”  Elizabeth P.

I had no idea that my english shepard Rylie was reactive, never even heard of the term. I just thought she was supposed to bark and growl at every moving object that crossed her path. (NOT!) Jane’s teaching style is so positive and calm. Since I began working with Rylie in February 2010, her behavior and my skill as a handler have made us into a completely different team.

I now know how to handle reactive situations that create more confidence in my dog and me. Many of my friends and family have said that I now have a different dog. Thank you so much, Jane. To Rylie and me, you were a godsend.”- Kelly B.

We’ve only had thee classes in Manners, Level I so far,  but the changes in our 9-pound, 8-month old, wild and formerly out-of-control pug/chihuahua are already noteable and remarkable.  He heels, goes to a mat on command and more.

Best of all, Jane has made it fun.  Her gentle, patient teaching style, sense of humor, and ability to teach has made it easy for us to learn and execute new methods for managing and training our puppy.  Thank you, Jane!”  - Sherry J.

Jane recently graduated from Karen Pryor’s Academy, so the content of the course is very cutting edge and very interesting. They have absorbed some of the exercises from “Control Unleashed” and a developed a really kick a** curriculum. This is one of the best classes I have ever been to, and  have been to a lot of classes. They are excellent trainers and teachers.” – Myra .F

Otto is doing so much better! Denny and I are so appreciative of the training tips and support from Jane and Robin. Otto has always been, for the most part, a great puppy. However, he has a “Cujo” issue with regard to resource guarding (food, some toys, furniture). We went from feeling like we had done something wrong with his early training to now feeling so proud of our accomplishments.

“We have followed Jane’s advice and slowly but surely Otto has developed into a wonderful dog. Instead of going completely crazy in his crate while we get the food ready, he now sits next to us and is totally quite. That is pretty close to a miracle!

“Jane is so committed to helping dogs and their families and we feel good knowing we can talk to them about any issues that come up. She has a practical approach that is tailored to the specific dog — not something I experienced with other training in the past.  Jane clearly cares about the people and dogs in their classes. Thanks from all of us!” – LH

Thank you for the handouts, as well as your one-one instruction with Captain. Time flew by…seemed like 10 minutes instead of an hour. I had a happy time, in addition to learning so much.” Cheryl J.

Jane is great: super knowledgeable and very friendly. Clicker training rocks!” – Doug S.

I was impressed when Jane taught my dog to go lie on her mat–from start to finish in 22 minutes!  She did it without saying a word until the very end, when she added the cue, “Go to bed.”

“It was all done with positive reinforcement using a clicker and treats to reward my dog’s actions each time she approximated what Jane wanted until she shaped the behavior she was aiming for. My dog was not in the least stressed, and was willing and happy to participate in the training activity.  It was very fun to watch!” – Nan R.

I have raised Australian shepherds for 35 years now and have never used clicker training to train any one of my dogs, but along came Britta, my 6-year-old Australian shepherd.  She finished her working trial championship on stock and her companion dog title in obedience easily.

“I thought she would love the challenge of  more obedience work, but when it came to holding the dumbell in her mouth,  I found out it was “no way, no how.” I talked to Jane about the problem and she offered to take Britta on.

“Jane has Britta running to get the dumbell, picking it off the floor, bringing it back, and sitting in front of her with the dumbell in her mouth. All the time with a big smile and her tail wagging non-stop. It is a miracle!” – Marie M.

About the Karen Pryor Academy:

Through educational assessments and hands on workshops, Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners have demonstrated a high level of expertise and understanding of scientifically based positive reinforcement training methods. Certified Training Partners have also shown that they can create a positive and safe learning experience for both the animal and owner.

“Graduates of the Academy are subject to a policed credentialing process (i.e. their credentials can be revoked), and are expected to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and ethics.” – Julie Shaw, RVT,  Purdue University.