There are times when it’s better for your dog — or for you — to do one-on-one dog training in your home. We can work in your home or the environment where you’re seeing the problems. We can then provide a specific training plan to address the behaviors you’d like to work on. It’s a great option for busy families who want to see the fastest results.

Private training is appropriate for dogs who are too nervous, stressed or reactive to work in a class environment.  I also do veterinary behaviorist followup training.

One-on-one training is a terrific value because everything is tailored for your unique situation. We typically see results very quickly.

Behavior consultations or training at your home

  • Initial consultation (about 1.5 hours) $150
  • Followup training: $110/hour
  • Initial consultation plus 2 60-minute followup sessions: $350 (Save $20)
  • Initial consultation plus three 60-minute followup session: $450 (save $30)

Travel fees: No travel fee for travel times less than 20 minutes.

For travel time greater than 30 minutes:
$25 (31-45 minutes)
$50/hour for travel longer than 45 minutes, calculated from Saint Paul (55105)

*Some behavior issues are best addressed with veterinary assistance, and  I refer to veterinary behaviorists when appropriate. I am always happy to discuss your situation.

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