Enjoy the fun of an odor detection dog without any of the explosives or illegal substances!

K9 Nose Work is a new sport for folks who want to engage their dogs’ strongest sense — smell. With K9 Nose Work dogs learn to search indoors and outdoors for a small container that holds a miniscule amount of a harmless essential oil. (The first oil we use is Birch.)

K9 Nose Work

Siren finds the odor under the cone

Almost any dog can participate — no obedience is required. Dogs work one at a time so even reactive and shy dogs can participate. It’s fun for your dog and fascinating for you!

Nose work has a lot of terrific benefits:
  • It provides mental stimulation
  • It promotes confidence
  • It encourages movement and exercise
  • Dogs with physical or reactivity issues can participate.
And . . . it’s just a lot of fun for both of you! No special equipment is necessary beyond a dog, a 6 foot leash, a fitted collar or back clip harness, and a bunch of stinky dog treats.

The class follows the guidelines developed by the National Association of Canine Scent Work. No prior obedience required. Contact me to register.

I want to thank Jane and A Great Dog Now for introducing us to Nosework.  Its a fun activity that can be done by anyone with any dog, in just about any location.  We look forward to more classes and moving on to the second level scent in the near future.” – Dawn F.

Rinnie loves Nosework! It’s her favorite game to play and that makes the training fun.” – David F.

Top 5 Reasons I Love Nosework by Shanoa Delta

1. I love Nosework because my dog loves Nosework. Every time we go to class she’s super excited. She’s happy working. She gets to come to class, hang out in her crate eating a Kong or bully stick, and then find yummy treats that she gets to eat. It’s the best game ever.

2. I love Nosework because it uses my dog’s natural abilities to scent. It’s her most powerful tool! Using her nose engages one of her primal abilities. Watching her hone her natural skills is amazing.

3. I love Nosework because it challenges my dog’s mind! It’s an activity that really makes her think and learn. Using her nose is natural, but learning how to find and track scents is a skill. It engages her smart as a whip brain and really tires her out!

4. I love Nosework because I’m lazy! This activity is very dog-directed. I don’t have to be a particularly good trainer or practice often. There’s no pressure on me to “do it right” so there’s no pressure on my dog, either. I just have to trust her, I don’t have to teach her. It’s very freeing for both handler and dog!

5. I love Nosework because it’s set up so that all dogs can succeed. Classes are structured so that even shy, anxious, or reactive dogs (to people or other dogs) can not only participate but be successful.

Thank you Jane Fallander for such an awesome class. I’m already looking forward to session two!